Ballet 4 Adults Teacher Training Certification

Ballet 4 Adults was created to give teachers the knowledge and insight necessary for teaching a ballet syllabus geared specifically toward the adult body.

Launched by Kat Wildish in March 2013, this teaching certification focuses on class structure, adult anatomy and alignment, injury prevention and assessment, class fundamentals, history, performance techniques, curriculum, teaching practicums, and more. Students accepted into the program must complete and pass testing for all levels to achieve full certification.

Each level requires a one-month commitment in New York City. Schedules are flexible and include technique classes with Kat, seminars with field experts, class observations, discussion groups, and testing. Levels of study must be completed in order.

This program is perfect for current teachers wishing to expand their knowledge, studio owners wanting to incorporate an adult program into their schedule, fitness professionals looking to expand group fitness classes to include ballet, performers wishing to make a transition into teaching, and dance scholars hoping to learn more about how the study of ballet for adults differs from a program designed for K-12.

Acceptance into the program is through application only.

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